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The Illusionists Tour


Sept. 19-22     Gainesville, FL

Sept. 23-25     Tampa, FL

Sept. 27-Oct.2 Atlanta, GA

Oct. 4-9          Orlando, FL

Oct. 11-16     Orlando, FL

Oct. 24-30     New Orleans, LA

Nov. 1-6        Austin, TX

Nov. 14-20    Kansas City, MO

Nov. 22-27    Madison, WI

Dec.6-31       Toronto, ON Canada


Jan.9          McAllen, TX

Jan.10-15   San Antonio, TX

Jan. 17-22  Tempe, AZ

Jan. 24-25  Modesto, CA

Jan. 26-27 Riverside, CA

Jan. 28-29 Palm Desert, CA

Jan.31-Feb.5 Portland, OR

Feb. 10-12 Memphis, TN

Feb. 14-19 Milwaukee, WI

Feb. 28-March 5 Dallas, TX

March 6     Odessa, TX

March 7     El Paso, TX

March 8     Lubbock, TX

March 9     College Station, TX

March 10   Orange, TX

March 11   Jackson, MS

March 12   Tyler, TX

March 14-19  Louisville, KY

March 21-26  Cincinatti, OH

March 31-April 2   St. Louis, MO

April 4-9   Boston, MA

Apirl 10-15 Elmira, NY Red Bank NY MorristownNJ

April 17-22 Erie,PA Binghamton NY, MD and PA

April 26/27 Fresno, CA

April 28-30 Reno, NV

May 1 -7 Cheyenne, WY, Albuquerque NM

May 8-14 ID, MT, WY, Rapid City, SD

May 15-21 Sioux City, IA Denver, CO

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"You'll laugh 'til you cry"

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